Ask Me Anything: Teaching with Comic Books!


Have you ever used comic books to teach? Tim Smyth has, and he is ready to share his secrets with you in our first “Ask Me Anything” on VoiceThread! Learn how Tim has used comics to teach his high school students about the Civil Rights marches, Japanese internment camps, and more during this special online event.

Tim has helped hundreds of educators learn how to use comics to teach a variety of subjects like history, science, and classic literature, and he can share his strategies with you, too. Next week we will share a special AMA VoiceThread with you so you and your students can join in the fun.

Whether you are a teacher, a student or you just love comic books, we hope you can join us during the week of November 13th for our first VoiceThread “Ask Me Anything”.

If you and your students would like to participate, just add your name to this list and we will send you the link on November 13th. Then, just record your questions for Tim! It’s that easy.


About Tim Smyth:


Tim Smyth is a high school social studies teacher of 16 years with a MS Reading Specialist degree who believes all educators are teachers of reading.  He travels the country sharing the power of comics in education for both students and teachers.  This VoiceThread will give you resources and lessons you can use in your classroom tomorrow, no matter your subject area or level!